The QualiFind Group Adds Brazil Office!

After several months of discussions and due diligence, we are proud to announce that The QualiFind Group now has a new office and recruiting team in Sao Paulo, Brazil!

The new office is a result of the merger of Sao Paulo based DRH-Talent Search with The QualiFind Group and our sister practice — The ExeQfind Group.  DRH-Talent Search led by Hamilton Teixeira brings an 18 year track record as a talent acquisition resource for Brazil and Latin America.  

DRH-Talent Search is similar to our practice in that they had separate recruiters and search consultants providing both professional & technical recruitment as well as executive search services.  Fabiana Zanini and Marcia Maia will join The QualiFind Group’s office in Sao Paulo while Hamilton Teixeira, Gabriel Rico, Plinio Pereira and Jacques Gelman will join The ExeQfind Group in Sao Paulo.

We will continue to leverage our synergies and experience in agribusiness, food processing, industrial / manufacturing / maquiladora, FMCG, hospitality and professional services.  Over the years, we have supported numerous US, European and Asian clients with business operations in the US, Mexico and Brazil.  We now have the ability to combine our industry knowledge, market intelligence and cultural diversity to provide a seamless service to those clients under both the QualiFind and ExeQfind brands.

In addition to the cross-border collaboration we have also invested in implementing Best Practices with Hamilton and his team prior to this merger.  Hamilton, Warren and I have led and participated in a range of Best Practice exercises through our membership in IRC Global Executive Search Partners.  We have done extensive research and benchmarking of CRM and ATS systems, research and talent mapping, employer branding and candidate assessment systems to name a few.  Our IRC membership also provides us with monthly video conferences and two in-person conferences around the world where we go to great lengths to engage in benchmarking Best Practices in search and recruitment.

Both Hamilton and Warren have served on the IRC’s Executive Board of Directors putting them both at the forefront of a range of governance, practice refinement, thought leadership and cultural diversity inititatives that have ultimately benefited our firm – and therein our clients. 

We are somewhat unique as a US-based recruiting firm with a 21 plus year track record of supporting client’s need for talent in Latin America, specifically Mexico. We’ve supported client recruitment needs throughout Latin America since our founding in 1999 and we expect our new office and team in Sao Paulo to further solidify our lead as the premier recruitment firm for Latin America.

I would like to help you find the talent you need, so call me at 619.240.2638 and let’s discuss how I can be your resource for talent in Latin America!

Carlos Acosta is a senior managing partner and the practice leader of The QualiFind Group.  Carlos is also the Americas Leader for IRC Global Executive Search Partners’ Industrial / Manufacturing Practice Group. 

Carlos has led a broad range of recruiting assignments throughout the US, almost every state in Mexico and numerous countries in Latin America. 

Carlos has dual citizenship in both the US and Mexico and is fully bilingual in English and Spanish.  He earned his bachelors degree in Business Administration from the Instituto Technologico y de Estudios Superiores de Occidente (ITESO) in Guadalajara, Mexico.