Lean / OpEx

On-Demand Business Transformation

Success in business is tied to sound business practices. Implementation of sound business practices requires empowered and experienced talent.

High performance organizations follow a common thread in the way they operate as well as how they are led and managed.  They consistently follow a structured operating standard backed by engaged leadership and a motivated and supportive work force.

Operational Excellence (OpEx) provides a platform to perform at the highest level when all contributors interface through a clear system that continuously increases value to customers.  Properly applied OpEx principles enable people to work with effective practices, to relentlessly optimize and simplify processes and to consistently review the value brought to the purpose so it can actively adjust to sustain and grow.

In our more than two decades of experience, we have the case studies and success stories that can attest to these traits and values.  Every situation is different and no solution identical and nothing replaces talent and expertise.  The QualiFind Group has supported business transformation engagements through direct hire, interim placements and Lean consultants to take organizational performance to the next level.

We have experience supporting business transformation and related interim and direct hire talent acquisition in the Agribusiness, Healthcare, Industrial and Professional Services.

Can your business or organization benefit from a more robust operating system?

Do any of the following questions resonate with your current situation and industry sector?


  • Do your managers and leaders follow a standard of work commensurate with best practices of performance in their field and if they do, do they follow it?
  •  Does your direct workforce rely on improvised practices that cause extreme variations in their performance?
  • Is critical heavy equipment and machinery maintained only when it breaks and as a result have you experienced unexpected delays and low yield risking timely completion?
  • When a new process or new equipment is needed to complete work, are all elements in place and systems ready to perform to avoid delays?
  • Do you perform on-site training that requires long periods of learning and accreditation until your employee reaches a desired state of performance?


  • Is your clinical staff overwhelmed with excess documentation and repetitive task requirements with limited time to spend with patients?
  • Are your administrative staff’s priorities in constant conflict with those of your clinical support staff?
  • Is your revenue cycle out of alignment with the desired financial performance health?
  • Are your quality metrics inconsistent with your market aim to demonstrate evidence-based performance improvement?
  • Are your care teams operating within their own boundaries and unaware of impacts to patient flow and care plans?
  • Is your health care unit operating with constant shortages or overages of supplies and instruments?  Is your equipment in constant need for reliable practices thus, impacting supplies and equipment readiness when the patient needs it?


  • Is your business operation performing at or below marginal budget objectives, with little room to spare for executing new opportunities and fostering growth?
  • Do you need to add capacity but feel your only feasible solution is to invest in capital, space and added resources?
  • Is your leadership constantly tied up in reactive meetings explaining recovery with little or no time to encourage and support your workforce where the work is done?
  • Are you operating with an additional quality assurance structure to control the outcome of your daily production?  Are there any bottlenecks by doing this?
  • Is your Maintenance support working 80% or more of their time in repairs or reactive tasks?
  • Are you rotating inventory less than 12 times per year and still running with a considerable backlog?
  • Are your managers and floor leaders busy solving daily problems that are often not resolved?

Professional Services

  • Are your associates operating in silos unaware of the end-to-end flow of service provided?
  • Do you have accumulating incidents requiring constant authorizations where items remain stagnant?
  • Are there complex re-loops in your system requiring escalation and additional time spent by leaders and managers?
  • Are your account receivables not in line with desired cash flow needs?
  • Do you feel your enterprise could process their work in half the time but they have no desire to perform with expediency?

If you can answer “YES” to these and other relevant questions, then contact:

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